Max Damage and the Alien Attack

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Max Damage and the Alien Attack might fall in the slot machine category but it is anything but that. It is an arcade game that follows the same concept of arcade games that we always played as children. In this game, players control a space craft as they try to destroy waves of enemy ships. The game starts with players having six lives. Players have to go through nine levels. The game also has a very useful feature; this feature is the auto fire feature. This way you do not have to keep clicking on the space button in order to fire.

There will also be monster and boss ships to kill and freebies. Freebies are like a bonus round between levels that allows you to kill ships for more winnings. There is also a brand new feature that allows players to get a chance to have their name on the leaderboard of the game. Players will be able to get on that board if they complete the nine levels of the game.

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