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Everyone knows that a casino will never be a real casino unless it has slot machines. These machines are also called fruit machines, online pokies, poker machines and one-arm bandits.  Slot machines are devices made for gambling. For these devices, players will insert coins into the slot machine and pull down the lever or click spin in order for the game’s reels to start spinning. The number of reels on the slot machine can be equal 3 or 5. The classical slots offered players 3 reels with fruit symbols on them with one paylines in the middle. As for the more advanced video slots, they now offer 5 spinning reels with a great number of lines that can amount up to 1024. The symbols on these reels can be themed around certain things like TV shows, movies or other themes.


Once the reels stop spinning, players will then be paid according to the winning combinations that they succeeded in achieving on any of the paylines that they activated. Players will then be rewarded according to their original wager that they placed, the paytable of the game and the combinations that they succeeded in achieving on the payline. The paytable of the game can be found printed on the slot machine itself in the case of land based slots or they can be viewed by clicking on View Pays or Paytable at online slots. This paytable will also show players all of the bonuses and special features that the game offers.

Slot Game History

The first ever slot machine was invented by the father of the slots, Charles Fey. He invented it in 1887 and at that time, the reels of the slot machine had poker symbols spinning on it. These symbols included spades, hearts, bells and horseshoes. This game only had three reels and due to that, it was made to give payouts automatically according to the winning combos. The highest payout that was given by this machine was equal fifty cents. Players were able to check the different possible payouts at the paytable that was found on the machine itself.

Sittman & Pitt invented another form of slots in 1891. This new slot machine looked like the early slot versions that can be found today at gambling venues. This slot machine had 5 drums and fifty cards. The game was based around poker; this is why players got rewarded according to the strength of the poker hands that they achieve on the winning line of the game. This is why they earned their name, Poker Machines. These machines used to pay players in the form of gifts, cigars or drinks or any other products that the venue offered. I mentioned above that the game had 50 cards and not 52; this is because there was no Jack of Hearts or a Ten of Spades. This was done in order to decrease the chances of players achieving a Royal Flush.

The next step in the evolving of slots was made in 1907 when Herbert Mills invented a slot machine that was entitled Operator Bell. It became popular throughout its first year that almost every cigar store, salon and bowling alley had these slots installed. The first ever electromechanical machine was developed in 1936 by Bally. This game was called The Money Honey. This slot was the first ever machine to offer auto payouts and a bottomless hopper. This game offered players a huge reward that amounted up to five-hundred coins.

In the 1990s, Multi line machines were introduced to the world of gambling. These slots had great advantages over the classical slots. They had more than one winning line, which gave players more chances of achieving a winning combination of symbols. With the introduction of online gambling, software developers and casinos quickly seized the chance and they adopted these slot machines and transformed them into online casino games that are now enjoyed by millions of online players. These online slots offer players plenty of rewarding features and bonuses. This includes Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, Jackpots, Progressive Jackpots and Free Spin Rounds.

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How to Play Slots                                                                                                                                                                

Players can enjoy slots at land based casinos as well as online ones. Although the concept is the same but the game play differs from land based to online casinos. This is why we are going to discuss each gaming procedure separately.

Land Based Slot Machines:

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After players select the slot machine that they want to play, they will start by putting a bar coded coin or coin currency in the game’s slot. The accepted currency will be printed on each slot machine. After players place the coins, they will pull the lever of the slot down or they can click on spin.

The symbols on the slot’s reels will start to spin and when they stop spinning, if players succeeded in getting a winning combo on one of the win lines, they will be rewarded.

The symbols usually include fruit such as lemons, oranges, watermelons and cherries among other symbols such as bells, sevens, 1bar, 2bar and 3bar symbols. The paytable of each game will be found printed on the slot machine itself, usually at the top above the game’s reels.


Online Free Slot Machines:

There are many options available when it comes to online slots. Players will be able to go through the slot library of online casinos that are home to thousands of slot machines. They will find classical 3 reeled slot machines that resemble the land based slot machines and they will also find multi line video slots. These slots offer players 5 spinning reels and a great number of lines and ways to win that can amount up to 1024. These video slots usually have specific themes. They can be themed around a game show, a movie or a TV show. For example, some of the most commonly played slots are the Marvel branded video slots that are themed around the Marvel superheroes such as Iron Man, The Hulk and Fantastic Four.

In these games, players will use the mouse of their laptop or computer to do all of the bidding. They will first start by placing the wagers. There are from 1 to 3 options that players will go through. These options are the number of lines that they want to activate, the number of coins they want to place on each single payline that they activated and the value of the coins. These options are usually found at the game’s wagering platform right under the reels. Players will then click on Spin in order to spin the reels and they will be paid depending on the amount of their wager and the paytable of the slot machine itself. Players can enjoy online slots at numerous online casinos such as Gaming Club, Mr. Green, Jackpot City and the Lucky Nugget. The list of the top leading software developers for such games includes Playtech, Microgaming, Betsoft Gaming and IGT.

In order to help you understand slot machines even more, we have decided to discuss some terms that have a great effect on the game play.

– Wild Symbols:

wild-symbolWild symbols are like wild cards in a game of poker or any other card game. These symbols have the ability to substitute for any other possible symbols on the reels of the slot machine. This helps players in creating winning combos, thus increasing their chances of winning. The wild symbol is different from one game to another, it can be found at the Paytable of each game.


– Scatter Symbols:

slot-scatter-symbolScatter symbols are rewarding symbols that have two advantages. The first one is that they reward players with instant scattered rewards. The second advantage is that they can trigger the free spins round which will reward players a number of free spins on the slot machine as well as the ability to trigger a bonus round. The number of spins and the number of symbols require to trigger the spins are found in the paytable of each game.

– Jackpots:


Jackpots refer to the biggest win that the slot machine can pay. It is usually triggered when players get a combination of the highest paying symbol. There is also a progressive jackpot which is triggered through a bonus round. These progressive jackpots are known for creating millionaires as the progressive jackpot can reach millions. Progressive jackpots slots are connected games in which the jackpot increases whenever a bet is placed on the slot at any casino. Some of the most popular progressive slots are Major Millions and The Mega Moolah, both are Microgaming powered games.

Like scatters and wilds, more details about each game’s jackpot or progressive jackpot can be found at the paytable of the game.

– Max Bet Bonuses:

Max bet bonuses are special bonuses that can’t be triggered unless players have placed the highest bet possible at the game.

Slots Game Rules

For Online Slots:

The rules of the online free slots are concerned with the game’s payouts and combinations and wagering options. This is why players will find these rules at the Paytable of the game and at the Game Rules tab. Apart from these, there are no other rules.

For Land Based Slots:

Apart from the same rules, there are other sets of rules and etiquette that players will have to follow while enjoying spinning the slots at land-based casinos. These rules are the following:

– Players can enjoy playing 2 slot machines beside each other. This is allowed only if the casino or the gambling venue is not crowded and if there are no players waiting to be seated at the slots. If a player is playing with two slots at the same time while players are waiting to play, an attendant from the casino’s staff will approach him and ask him to end one of the slot sessions.

– Some players believe that clicking rapidly on the buttons and the spin button will increase their chances to win. Apart from being a misconception, it can cause quite a noise. This noise can be very inconvenient and disturbing to other players. This is why attendants will ask people to stop doing that if they are caught pounding the buttons. Also, this will cause the buttons to wear off rather quickly.

– Players are permitted to watch other players while they are playing the slots. In order to do that, they have to leave one chair between them and the player they are watching unless they are going to play on the slot that is right next to the player. Players who sit close to other players without playing will be asked to leave.

-Players usually celebrate big wins and that is perfectly ok providing that they do not take so long. Also, when players achieve a big win or a jackpot, it's good etiquette to tip the attendant who is getting out the payout for them.

– If there is a machine that has a chair leaning on it, it means that the player had to go to the bathroom or went to get a drink or a snack. So it is best to leave the slot for about five to ten minutes, if the player does not show up, players can move the chair and take a seat at the slot machine.

Best Slots Odds

Free Slot machines are programmed in a way so they pay players from 82 percent up to 98 percent from the wagers that they have paid in the form of payouts. This percentage is referred to as Return to Player percentage (RTP) and others call it the Theoretical Payout Percentage. The minimum Theoretical Payout Percentage of each slot depends on the laws and the regulations of the state the slot is in. For instance, in the state of Mississippi, the percentage is equal eighty percent while it is equal seventy-five percent in Nevada.

As for the patterns and the winning combos on any slot and the amount that it pays alongside the frequency of these pays are calculated & chosen in order to yield a chosen fraction of the money played to the house, as for the rest of the money, it is given back to players who are spinning the reels. For instance, if a game costs 1 dollar per spin and has an RTP of 95%. After one million spins (1,000,000 dollars), the casino will keep 5%, which is equal 50,000 dollars while the rest (950,000 dollars) will be given to players in winnings. A great amount of the winnings is given to players to encourage them to keep playing; these winnings are called the “Taste” because they give players a taste of the winnings.

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Slots Strategy

As mentioned before, slot machines are games of pure luck as the outcome of the reels cannot be controlled or predicted. This is why the strategies that we will mention in this section got nothing to do with the game itself but how you approach the game and the correct attitude and mindset to wager in.

– Low Jackpot Slots are a Winner:

Some people get fooled by the big jackpots of some of the games, although they are very rewarding but it is a fact that these jackpots are not hit so often. This is why there is a big chance that it will not be you who triggers it. This is why it is advised to stick with the slot machines that offer low jackpots because they are triggered more often. The slots that are in the range of 1000 coins are the recommended ones.

– Know When to Leave the Slot:

Like any kind of gambling, it is very important to know when to quit. So if you find yourself on a losing streak, you should stop playing or head to another machine so you can change your luck a bit.

– Always quit when you are ahead:

This is one of the timeless saying in gambling. If you find yourself on a winning streak or just triggered a jackpot, you should call it a day and leave. This way you can leave with your winnings because if you continue playing, there is a huge chance that you might end up losing your winning or a huge part of it.

– Always place the maximum wager:

It is advised to always place the maximum bet possible at the slot. This is because there are bonuses and jackpots that can only be triggered by players who have placed the max bet.

There are misconceptions when it comes to slot machine gambling, these misconceptions include:

– Each spin on the slot machine is an independent spin, which means that the slot will never be in the “due to hit” state.

– Playing faster or pounding on the slot machine’s buttons will not affect the game play or increase the odds.

– Choosing to pull the lever or click on the Spin button to initiate the game will not affect the game play, none of them are better than the other.