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Are you looking for an eggcellent free slot machine that will result in an eggstatic playing experience? If so, look no further than the popular online casino slot machine EggoMatic. EggoMatic incorporates numerous surprise play elements along with superb animation and graphics to create a compelling free slot machine.

EggoMatic Game Summary

The game opens with an awesome trailer that introduces players to the wonderful world of the EggoMatic. The EggoMatic is a complex machine that pushes out eggs on a conveyor belt. One of the first things you may notice when you play EggoMatic is the incredible graphics that really draw players into the game. EggoMatic is visually impressive, which adds to the joy of taking your spins.

The symbols for this online casino slot machine are all based on mechanical-style chickens and roosters. Pay close attention to the different symbols because four of them have some very special powers.

Game play takes place over 5 reels and 3 rows for a total of 20 lines. On each spin, eggs are pushed down a conveyor belt. Depending on which eggs land, a variety of actions take place. There are ten levels of play which can be adjusted by clicking on Settings, located at the lower left bottom of the screen. EggoMatic can be switched into FullScreen mode by clicking on the FullScreen icon located on the lower left. Players can choose from multiple options, including AutoPlay from the bottom menu. To Spin simply push on the big old button in the center of the bottom menu. If you need help or want to know more about EggoMatic you may click on the “I” icon on the lower left.

Bonuses For EggoMatic

Four different types of eggs are spit out onto the conveyor belt on each spin. Players can get Free Spins Eggs, Coin Win Eggs, Spreading Wild Eggs or even the amazing Surprise Egg. One example of the type of bonus players can get is an Egg with the number 10 on it. Those lucky enough to get this Egg are rewarded instantly with 10 free spins! Players might also encounter the Golden Egg scatter icon. Those that do will have their betting line automatically increased by amounts of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000 or even 2,500.

Players also get a chance to win the EggoMatic Jackpot in this online casino slot game. This is a non-progressive jackpot but can still add up to big bucks. Players can receive up to 10,000 coins if they hit this while playing the Max Bet.

EggoMatic is a unique online casino slot game in design and function. Some of the play may surprise first time players. It's worth playing EggoMatic for a period of time until you get the hang of some of the intricacies. If you change the level to 10.00 and the Max Bet to 1.00 you can win 94,750 coins. There are substantial rewards available for EggoMatic and the game play is surprisingly engaging. The four special Eggs that have been woven into EggoMatic make the game particularly unique and appealing.

EggoMatic is especially well-suited for players who can't get enough of egg puns. Even the most hard-boiled player is bound to crack up at some of the hilarious action. Fans of chickens, roosters, and eggs will not be able to pull themselves away from the game, waiting to see the online casino slot machine shell out huge wins.

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