Boom Brothers

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Once upon a time three dwarf brothers were exploring their massive mine when they came upon a vein of riches. After setting up an excessive amount of explosives the dwarves lit the fuse, and became flooded with gems and gold! Now, thanks to Net Entertainment you can share in the same adventure as the dwarves.

The Boom Brothers slot game is a five reel video slot game loaded with fun animations, and plenty of chances to win big. The game features 20 win lines split across two sides of the board; wins can occur anytime you match three symbols between along the lines played. This means that one spin can win multiple times. There are seven kinds of symbols to match (one for each of the dwarves, lanterns, buckets, pickaxes, and mine helmets), and three kinds of bonus symbols that help to greatly increase your winnings. Wild spaces match with anything.

Free spins give you exactly that, and any winnings on those free spins are tripled. The big draw of the game comes from the Railtrack spaces. If five of these match up you get to play in the bonus game. Once in the bonus game you choose from one of three mine carts, which moves one of the brothers towards a jackpot. The best part about the bonus game is that you don't need to match up all five to get in. If you only match three spaces, you will receive three tracks, and get chances to earn the remaining two. Once a player hits five tracks, the bonus game kicks in.

The final way Boom Brothers helps you win is with occasional second chance spins. At random intervals, one of the brothers will appear to give you a second chance at a win on a losing spin. The animations for this are all amusing, and unpredictable. In fact, all the animations of the slots are highly polished. They range from explosions across the entire screen to far more subtle ones that give you small surprises, even after dozens of plays.

With top notch animations, and dozens of possible ways to win Boom Brothers is some of the most fun a person can have while taking home prizes.

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