BESTSLOTS.ME‘s Privacy Policy

By using the services that BESTSLOTS.ME offers, including reviews, articles, interactive media and others, you consent and approve of all of the terms in this Privacy Policy document as well as the Terms of Service (TOS). BESTSLOTS.ME may occasionally update the terms in this Privacy Policy as well as the TOS. When the website does that, it is not required to notify the users or take their opinion before any change and it is not required to notify them after the change. This change can include the altering of any term, the deletion of a term and the addition of new terms if BESTSLOTS.ME sees such addition necessary.

BESTSLOTS.ME does not offer its services to minors under the age of eighteen. This is why any user who wants to become a part of the community of BESTSLOTS.ME will have to state that he or she is older than 18 years old.

BESTSLOTS.ME will request users who want to create accounts on the website to provide the website with certain data and personal info. This info is used in order to verify the identity of each user as well as guaranteeing the delivery of the services or products that users have purchased.

This info will be collected at the knowledge of users as they will have to offer this info voluntarily at their own discretion. BESTSLOTS.ME will never gather any kind of info without the approval of the users. BESTSLOTS.ME will collect such info through the registration process and through regular polls & surveys that it might occasionally hold.

Users who do not wish to provide BESTSLOTS.ME with their personal info are free to do so but they will only be able to access the website as visitors. In order to become active members of the community, they will have to provide a minimum amount of info.