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There are many excellent slot games on the market today and Hexaline is another great addition to the slot machine market. This awesome slot game is designed to bring something new to the slot market and gamers are sure to enjoy this new game.

Game Summary

Hexaline is designed to be an extremely unique video slot machine. This game provides players with an experience that is truly different from many of the other slot games on the market today. The game is called hexaline for a reason. The pieces in this game come in hexagon shapes. The board looks very similar to a bee hive. The hexagons all fall into place and form the reels. The hexagons have a variety of colors which determine how you win. The color in this game are green, purple, yellow, blue, red, and a wild hexagon. These hexagons are meant to pay players a different amounts depending on how the game plays out. Players get paid when they manage to match a line of hexagons on the left to the right in the right combination. Players are paid based on the number of hexagons they get in a row.

On the right side of the game board, one can find the payouts for each hexagon. The amount of the payouts can change based on the stake the players have placed. Players can place a wide variety of bets from one cent to fifty dollars. This wide range of bets makes this game accessible to a range of players.

Bonus features

Hexaline has many different unique features. One of the most unique features is that when a player matches a winning combination of hexagons, all of the adjacent hexagons disappear and new ones will replace these hexagons. This bonus feature gives players the opportunity to extend their winnings as well. This bonus feature increases the likelihood of winning big when playing the game and thus should increase the appeal of this game to players.

The game also features two different special hexagons. One of the hexagons is a wild hexagon. This hexagon can replace any other colored hexagon and thus it can be used in a winning combination as well. Wilds are a key piece to any slot game, but in hexaline these wild hexagons add an additional level of intrigue to the game.

The other special hexagon is the bonus hexagon. This hexagon allows you to trigger the bonus round. If you line up three of these bonus icons, then you will have the pleasure of playing a bonus round of hexaline. The bonus round massively increases the likelihood of winning big. In the bonus round, you can win as much as forty times your bet. The bonus rounds of hexaline make this game a great deal more interesting.

Audio and Video
Hexaline is a visually stunning game. At first the game seems fairly simple, but the extremely colorful hexagons look quite beautiful. The sides of the game board also look quite stunning as well. The visual element of this game makes the game quite appealing.
The audio of this game will draw you in instantly. The game is filled with sounds that make the game an interesting and exciting experience. If you are hoping for a high quality audio experience, then you will not be disappointed.
Hexaline is an extremely interesting and fun slot game that is available on a wide variety of websites and casinos. Gamblers are sure to enjoy playing this exciting and beautiful game. Check this slot game out today and you are sure to enjoy it.

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