Meerkat Mayhem

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Meerkat Mayhem is a game that has a refreshingly unique approach to the many themes that are currently available for popular slots games. There's a bit of an alternate reality timeline at work here, where the theme/story of the game revolves around the zany idea that the world we currently live in is one populated by a ruling class of rats that have dominated all civilization. The theme manifests in the game symbols by exploring different characters within a caste system of rat archetypes that appear on the game reels. Some examples include a warrior, queen and devil.

The inspired symbols that define the different spin outcomes pop out along the 5 separate reels that line up with 30 different demarcations which determine scores. The artwork of the game extends past the ornate symbolic designs and includes the area that surrounds the elaborate reel system. A rat character that is characterized as a devil sits perched upon an unholy throne and sometimes augment the outcome of the spinning reels, creating a highly rewarding multiplier effect that can take hold suddenly and convert to potentially inordinate levels of payoffs.

The influence of the devil rat can be somewhat random and difficult to predict, although the types of possible interactions between the devil rat and the reels is constrained to a pretty straightforward set of operations. Basically, the devil rat's influence manifests as having normal symbols suddenly converted into wild symbols. Only certain symbols are susceptible to these types of manipulations, However. Those being, the diving rat, the devil rat, the Mexican rat, the pilot rat, the sun bathing rat and the motorcycle rat.

While the devil rat is a central component of the game's bonus features, and adds a certain flair, excitement and level of unpredictability (not to mention potentially huge rewards) to the game-play, the game also has a symbol that assigns wild status to any reel position set to it. This particular symbol is known as the “warrior rat”. The warrior rat symbol will pop up at times and can be used to substitute any other type of symbol for the sake of linking up with other symbols in such a way as to form combinations that lead to increased levels of monetary payouts. While most all of the symbols in the game can be used in substitution for the warrior rat symbol, the so called scatter symbol cannot be used in a way that is triggered by the warrior rat symbol's wild properties.

The symbol that contains the scatter properties in the game is known as the queen rat. The scatter property of the queen rat has a particular quality that aids the player in acquiring scatter rewards when lining up symbols and creating winning combinations. Seeing as though scatter properties are so highly sought after and highly rewarding, being able to invoke that symbol with the wild symbol would most likely lead to a somewhat unbalanced degree of game play. Overall, the game is a somewhat zanier than usual but otherwise straightforward and highly rewarding slot experience.