Wheel of Wealth Special Edition

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Welcome to Microgaming's Wheel of Wealth Special Edition. This unique, updated version of the classic game is known for its potentially huge payouts. Anyone hoping to win and win big at slot gaming definitely should take a closer look at what this cool new variation has to offer players.

Game Summary

The theme of the Wheel of Wealth Special Edition is based on classic casino and slot games. So, the “old time” casino games are the theme to this new online game. In particular, the spinning wheel of chance is prominently featured on the screen. Wheels of chance are staples in casinos and have been popular games for hundreds of years. Consider this new virtual slot game to be a celebration of “the old being new once again”.

Bonus Rounds

The bonus feature is based on, not too surprisingly, a wheel symbol. Once the “Wheel of Wealth” bonus symbol turns up five times on any on of the paylines, the chance to win big during a bonus round occurs. The bonus round takes place on a second screen and, as soon as you are there, you can spin the wheel of wealth to (hopefully) win a huge jackpot prize. Consider this bonus round the doorway to winning big at this classic-styled game.

Another bonus feature is available and it is known as a “reel bonus”.

More Game Detail

The visual style of the game provides players with the feel of sitting at a game of chance at a traditional casino. The symbols on the casino are the classic ones that were popular in the early slot machines of the 20th century. Cherries, diamonds, and lemons are among the symbols you will pull up on the screen. If you are really lucky, the Wheel of Wealth bonus symbol will turn up on one of the paylines.

The sheer number of paylines on the slot game is pretty impressive. There are 25 paylines on the five reel slot game creating a host of different opportunities to pull up a winning combination on a spin.

While you do need to pull up five Wheel of Wealth symbols to enter the bonus round, do not think that a mere one wheel of wealth symbol has no value. The Wheel of Wealth symbol serves as a wild card and does not than fill in the missing blank required to get a payout. The symbol also serves the role of providing a full double the payout. Consider this another excellent feature to the game and one that enhances your potential to win.

Turning up a gold or diamond scatter coin opens doors for rewards. A long as two scatter coins show up on a reel – anywhere on the reel – the scatter gives you a multiplier. The multiplier could be 2x, 4x, 50x, and an amazing 200x. 2, 3, 4, and 5 icons have to appear on the reels to achieve these desirable results.

Overall, Wheel of Wealth Special Edition is a nice new spin on a classic style of game play. Long-time gamblers are going to enjoy it.