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Game Summary

In the UK and in Canada, advances in the real money online casinos have seen online games get crazily smooth animations and interesting twists. These have been achieved by taking the classic casino games and adding a few tweaks in order to attract more players from the internet gaming multitude. In the section of slot machine gaming, Legacy is one of the best online casino games to try out.

Legacy is a Microgaming software game in online casinos that involves a slot machine with three reels. This particular game has the set-up similar to the set-up in traditional casinos but has an interesting twist. It is unique in that, it has five separate pay lines that players can utilize by placing bets simultaneously unlike the usual slot machines having one single pay line in the middle. Red and black stands out from the game’s entire interface and all game symbols, the colors that are always associated with royalty.

Microgaming software is popular in the UK and in Canadian online casinos. These casinos are recommended mainly because they provide several varying games, high rates of overall pay-outs and importantly, secure payment options.

Bonus Rounds

Online casino players in the UK and in Canada get to open accounts and play legacy with no deposits of real money as the casinos deposit into the players’ account in order for them to play games using the real money. Based on this, most casinos link their bonuses to play through requirements in that, a multiple original deposit be played though or wagered before a player can get to cash out his/her winnings.

Just like most of online games, there are bonuses involved. The purpose of these bonuses is plainly to give a player a certain level of game winning, maximum and faster payout control. Most online casinos offering legacy in the UK and in Canada give between 70 to 150 pounds bonus deposits to players, payable after a varied number of play-throughs.

The players hit the game’s jackpot when they attain three legacy icons, after a win. Depending on the coins that a player places, the jackpot of the game can amount to 2400 coins. In other cases, the highest possible win from a single active pay line is 1000 coins; 1200 coins from two active pay lines; 1400 coins from three and 1600 coins from four.

More Game Details

Through a betting panel on the game’s screen, placed at the bottom, players are able to place bets during a Legacy game. The players have two wagering options provided for them to go through when playing the game. Option one is the number of coins placed from the first to the fifth and option two is the value of the coins placed, that is, credits from one to fifty. The payout in micro game’s legacy is determined by these two, meaning that one wins big only if he/she wagers more coins or with coins of more value.

In regard to Legacy, the key to all the winnings possible starts with one special symbol, termed as the Legacy Logo. This logo is an icon that has the ability to change any of the other symbols involved during the game, thereby giving an advantage when a player wins. The advantage includes: multiplication of the winning amount in doubles and also the multiplication of the same in quadruples.

Players attain the legacy icon in a particular winning combo and a player can attain either one, two or three legacy icons. The possible maximum bets are placed by a player by clicking on a tab labelled Bet Max. Upon this, a player places the biggest bet which initiates the game, spinning the reels. It should be noted that the game’s reels appearing on the reels consist of bar symbols, red sevens and the legacy logo itself.

Despite having this clear understanding of the game, the thrill of slot games and their respective bonuses and jackpots, players in both the UK and in Canada should be encouraged to always set their betting limit and to do practice responsible gambling.