Untamed Crowned Eagle

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Game Summary
Untamed Crowned Eagle is a slots game created by a developer that goes by the name ‘Microgaming' and is a new addition to the popular Untamed Series. The overall series has a theme that centers on a variety of wild animals that have unique characteristics to them. In the specific case of Untamed Crowned Eagle, the theme, as the name obviously suggests, revolves around birds, namely the aforementioned one. It's fun to note that the Crowned Eagle received its name from having the distinguishing characteristic of ample feathers surrounding it's head, giving it a crown-like appearance.

Bonus Rounds
The game includes some basic combo and bonus play and is defined by a few different factors. The game's logo symbol will at times replace other symbols that appear on the reel and add up in ways that help the player earn more cash. There is a particular feature referred to as “Collect a Wild” that consists of saving certain icons that appear on the reel until a sufficient amount are saved to engage in a game mode where a score multiplier is used on a few sequential spins. Another bonus feature includes a free spin round that is unlocked when a player's reel acquires three Eagle Eye symbols. In the event that this happens, the benefit to the player will be getting to sit back and enjoy 10 free spins and rack up the payoffs that are incurred. For those looking to double down and try their luck for increased total possible payoff, a “gamble feature” gives players the option to increase their winnings by a factor of 2.

More Game Detais
Untamed Crowned Eagle is a 243 ways to win type of slot game. The game is equipped with a 5 reel format. The game does a good job of relating all of the reel icons to the core theme of the game, and each one represents a different facet of the overarching style that include elements of the Crowned Eagle's natural features and ecological surroundings. Some of the symbols include images of the Crowned Eagle soaring, tending to it's babies, the face of the Crowned Eagle, mountaintops and then some miscellaneous card game symbols seemingly used for graphical filler content. The rest of the game outside of the reels is quite immersive, with the Crowned Eagle and mountaintop motif extended to the artwork surrounding the game elements.

Overall, the game is filled with eye-pleasing graphical content, an interesting array of in-game sounds, a decent complement of theme relevant symbolic artwork and fun, rewarding bonus rounds. Like any slot game, the core gameplay revolves around betting and spinning wheels. Placing bets within the game is a fairly intuitive experience and players are able to see the options for betting listed under the reels in the game. The options are pretty straight forward and include the value of the coins placed in a bet along with the number of those coins being placed. All one does after that is hit spin and wait for the reels to commence spinning.