Snake Slot

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Once upon a time, at the edge of a treasure laden jungle, you meet a happy green snake. From the imaginative minds of Microgaming comes another video gaming gem, Snake Slots. Don't wait to experience the fun and adventure that awaits in their new video slots.

Follow the snake through the tropical jungle paths. Search for hidden fortunes, and collect money and credits through the land. Start at the bottom of the screen, and make your wager. Press the spin and start your path.

Watch the five reels spin into your destiny of quick cash. Sooth your hunger for treasure collecting watermelons, lemons, cherries, bananas, and strawberries. As they add together, and as combinations are activated on the pay lines, watch your treasures add up.

Watch for your green snake, golden coins and diamonds in the reels. With so many ways to find treasure, the odds of winning are great as long as you continue placing your bets and going for it. Find the right combination of symbols and collect coins or activate fun bonuses. Bet all the payout lines to maximize your potential to find treasure and money along your path. If you get tired, an auto-play feature can be enabled. Adventure without the work, and collect treasure without trying.

On your adventures you may be granted stars on the reels. Find three of them to activated a bonus of free spins. If you are lucky to find three on the same line, ten free spins will be yours. See if you can contain the excitement as you find treasure on your bonus spins. It's a fun little detour that can add much to your money pot.

Do wins seems shy? Never fear! Look for the snake with a golden crown. It is a wild card on your payout line, able to replace any symbol except the free spin star. Need an extra cherry or watermelon for a quick payout? It's lucky if you get a snake with a crown. Find five of these crowned snakes on one line and win four thousand coins! That will fund adventures for many spins to come, allowing you to explore the jungle with your little friend even more.

Traverse through the thirty payout lines, winning your way through the treasure filled jungle. Be on the lookout for a wonderful bonus, the Lucky Line Feature. Test your luck and shoot for the big jackpot! In any case, your pot is lucky to grow. It's a fun game, with great odds.

Have I perked your interest? I hope I have. Have a go at this wonderful, wild adventure with a smiling green snake with the free practice credits to win more credits, or if you're feeling lucky through the jungle, head over to one of Microgaming's online casinos and try your hand with real cash to win real cash. Come along, enjoy the colorful icons, the fun graphics, and animations.

Take time away from your hectic and stressful life to sooth your soul in a wonderful jungle for awhile. Won't you adventure today?