Orc’s Battle

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Fantasy themed media have dominated the world of fiction, movies, video games, and television shows for years now. From Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones, players seem drawn in by the excitement and intrigue that this genre has to offer. Players have immersed themselves in World of Warcraft and have spent days figuring out the rules to other fantasy games. Orcs battle capitalizes on the excitement of the fantasy genre and is sure to draw in those that are into the fantasy genre. This game allows players to be part of these battles as the watch the theme of this board play out.

Game Summary

Orc's Battle Slot has been designed to live up to its fantasy theme in every way possible. The theme is apparent in every element of the game starting with the interface. Players will immediately notice that their are two war spikes on both sides of the reels and each of the war spikes has orc skulls on the top of it. The reels are filled with wonderful fantasy symbols as well. The reels are filled with a wide variety of Orc warriors and battle weapons. The game fills in the gaps of the icons in the form of poker card symbols.

This game is built around its' theme, but it is very traditional in its' playing style. The game comes in the very traditional five reel format. There are a total of fifty different betting lines that you can place your bets on. The wagers can be placed on the bottom of the screen where you can see all of the different options for betting. You can bet on as few as one line and as many as fifty lines. You also can bet as little as .01 credits per line and as much as fifty credits per line. This wide variety of options is sure to make budget players as well as high rollers happy.

The game is extremely impressive in terms of audio and video. The audio has been chosen in order to ensure that you are immersed in the fantasy setting of the slot game. This audio sounds crisp and clean and is sure to make those that are looking for a high quality experience. The video is also extremely high quality and is rarely if ever choppy or grainy. You are sure to appreciate just how good the video looks in this game. Orc's Battle is an extremely high quality game that offers some of the best audio and video.

Bonus features

Bonus features have become increasingly common in slot games these days. Orc's battle holds to the tradition of having high quality bonus features. One of the bonus features in this game is the scatter symbol. This symbol is the logo of the game. The scatter symbol can scatter rewards and if there are enough scatter symbols, then you may experience a wild free spins round. When you enter this bonus round you are able to win a great deal more than your normal bet. Wilds that land on the reels during the bonus round will be hammered still and will stay there until the bonus round is over. You are sure to find this bonus round to be extremely exciting.

If you are looking for a slot game that integrates elements of the fantasy world, then you are sure to love Orc's battle. This is an extremely high quality slot game that you are sure to love. This game looks extremely high quality and you are sure to love the playing this slot game.