Mystic Dreams Slot Game

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Game Summary

Mystic Dreams is powered by MicroGaming. MicroGaming is known for many different successful slot games. They are also known for their innovative features. This particular game has over 240 ways to win. The games that have multiple ways to win are the most popular games available. This especially true when the possibility exists with one spin. It also possible to achieve more than one payout with a single spin. This accentuates the gambling experience for novices and high rollers alike. MicroGaming does this because the gaming experience is more than simply gaming. They are becoming games that people play with minimal gambling. The experience is more enjoyable when this type of gambling pays dividends.

This also means that many ways to win are accessible for an economical price. The betting is based on a 30 payline layout system. This means that a very small bet is necessary to qualify for all the ways to win. This small amount can be increased to accommodate all levels of gambling including high rolling. The maximum wager per spin is 150 coins. The maximum fixed payout that a player can win is in the thousands. This is MicroGaming’s way of making an all-inclusive game that is exciting to play for all levels. This seldom happens in gaming. However, they have been successful at expanding the availability of their games.

These are culturally based games. Mystic dream’s theme is based on Native Americans and is done so very respectfully. They have some of the standard playing card symbols. However, the other symbols include bison, wolves, teepees, totem poles and Native American Chiefs. Regardless of the symbol, they all have significant payouts when featured on the reels that are adjacent to each other. Unlike many other games, there are no particular paylines available. This means that players win as many times as the symbols appear. This makes for an exciting gambling adventure. This generates suspense. This type of feature makes the game more enjoyable than traditional gambling because it is more like being a part of that adventure.

Bonus Rounds

Because of all the standard features in Mystic Dreams, it does not offer any other bonus games. However, this is outweighed by the fact that the free spin round can be triggered more than once. This provides the chance for gaining some extra cash. This is also true for the lack of a progressive jackpot. However, this can be a turn off for more experienced players that like the theory behind progressive jackpots. They are one of the only games that respectfully integrates the Native American theme into a nice casino game.

More Game Detail

They have a wild symbol like most video slots. The symbol is a teepee in keeping with the theme of Mystic Dream. However, in Mystic Dreams the wild symbol can take the place of all other existing game symbols including the scatter. This differs from most other video game slots. These slots often exclude the scatter from being superseded by the wild symbol. The wild acts as a multiplier when the teepee symbol appears in the free spin round. This feature can increase the earnings of the winner by a whopping 24 times. The totem pole functions as the scatter. Three or more totem poles will trigger the free spin round. The scatter also can appear at any position on the entire reel. Depending on the number of symbols, the player can win 10, 15 or even 20 free spins in the bonus round. This is dependent upon the number of available symbols. Payouts occur when the player receives two scatter icons. After receiving the payout, the game continues as normal.

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