Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn

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Girls With Guns: Frozen Dawn is the new free slots sequel to Girls with Guns, a commando themed game centering around female agents who must deal with vicious terrain, bad drug bosses, and other assorted insanity, to hunt a top kingpin and his associated gang. Although the cast of this game are ladies, this is definitely a game with potential appeal for both sexes. The challenge of this game lies in splitting up teams which most travel in different parts of the world, where they will be tested to the limit with the worst weather conditions imaginable. In trying to defeat a villain names Saskia,you find the characters surrounded by ice and snow. This is an online casino game for the adventurous who want to engage in world travel.

Free Fun Slots with Girls with Guns: Frozen Dawn

As players attempt to hunt down various villains, they will feel the amazing quality of the graphics take them to all the geographic locations where villains are hiding in wait. 5 reels of Girls with Guns: Frozen Dawn are found on top Arctic Mountains. The squad are the symbols that will spin: Maria, Jess, Alex, Kira, and Saskia the evil villain of the game. The game logo and all fun free slots interface is laced with frozen ice and snow. The possibility of wins is increased. The 243 possible wins increase the players’ odds of gaining a payout. The ways to winning are not the only attractive feature of this game. The wild icon of Girls with Guns: Frozen Dawn will up the chances of of player by occasionally substituting for any of the other icons. The only icon wild will not replace is scatter, and scatters are unique in this game as well.

Girls with Guns: Frozen Dawn Gameplay

The symbol for scatter is the satellite symbol, not a surprise as this internationally themed game is all about travel. If three satellite symbols lands on the reels, in any location, players get to choose one of two free spins round. The first spin is the Frozen Wilds Free Wilds, and will show a number of wild symbols which appear on the players’ reels, the frozen statue beginning to decay as more spins are made. However its notable that these can only last of three spins. On another round the Magnetic Wild’s spin, the wilds will then appear on the 5th reel, on the left side of the reels. All these spins together, give the player a multitude of opportunities in achieving big wins. The best part about Frozen Dawn is the bonus feature with action themed shootouts! In addition to the satellite scatters and twelve free spins you will also encounter bonus advantages that allow you access to an ever-increasing amount of wins. However, if you stack a reel with magnetic wilds the reel will explode, but frozen wilds contained on the reel can remain there in three spins before thawing out and disappearing completely. This is definitely one of the most exciting action packed new free slots games of 2015, so check it out!

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