Dark Knight Rises Slot

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Dark Knight Rises is a slot machine game to play in Microgaming online casinos. This slot machine is based around the characters from the last of a trilogy of Batman movies. Characters featured include Batman, Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Bane, and Catwoman among others. The game itself is set in Gotham City, and the player assists Batman and the governor in taking back Gotham City from Bane and his gang. Players who enjoy Batman movies will find themselves happily at home with the great graphics of this game.

This game features five or four reels and has 243 basic payout combinations. Matches can be made in any direction and additional wins can occur with special wild symbols. The player can choose which wild symbol he or she wants to use. When the right combinations of special characters appear, additional amounts are won by the player. The player will need to choose a wild icon, which acts just like it is part of one of the 243 winning combinations. The wild icons increase the chances to win in this game. Combinations appear using a standard random generator algorithm, which means each spin is not related to the last one. However, the 243 basic winning combinations are more winners then other Microgaming slots.

This game allows the player to play up to three combinations of coins. For a new player or one who likes to extend their playing time, this aspect will keep players from going deeply into debt in a short time. As long as you can afford it, you will win the most by playing three coins for each spin. When you win, the amounts are higher because the player risked three coins instead of two or one. Symbols on the reels include letters, pictures of movie characters, Batman symbols, and Gotham City seals, plus an assortment of wild symbols.

The bonus rounds of Dark Night Rises are where the largest amounts of money are won. There are two different kinds of bonus rounds and the player can pick one or the other. The bonus rounds are triggered when the player hits enough scatter symbols during a spin and can be played out at any time. A player can trigger multiple bonus rounds during regular play. Bonus rounds don't trigger more bonus rounds.

One bonus round features Bane and has 22 free spins with a double multiplier. This bonus round includes free spinning of all reels of the slot machine. In this bonus round, winnings are progressive. The other choice features Batman and offers more free spins and a 4x multiplier. While the winnings are higher with this option, the user has to select a an extra wild blast icon which must hit to win. There are no progressive rounds with this bonus option.

While Dark Night Rises does not have the advantages of progressive play, it offers much for the player who enjoys slots. As this is a Batman based slot, the video screen used many dark hues. I found the neon blue used for the letter symbols a nice break from the darker scatter symbols.