Skull Duggery

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For those looking for free slot machine games, Skull Duggery is one of the most fun a player can have with pirates without Johnny Depp. A pirate-themed slot machine with 5 reels and a dozen different ways to win, this game features fun images, free spins, bonus rounds, and everything that players could want from free slot machine games.

As slot machines go, Skull Duggery has all of the features that players tend to look for in a game. It's free to play (for those who don't want to throw their paycheck on a turn of the reels), and it can be accessed from any machine capable of getting online. Whether a players wants to relax at his or her desk, kill some time on the bus, or just enjoy some spins on a coffee break, Skull Duggery is there to help. Smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets; if the machine will access the Internet then chances are good it will load the slot machine.

Skull Duggery is also a prime example of the advances that have been made in online slot machines over the past several years. What was once a simple program where players pulled the wheel, collected their winnings and moved on, has now become something much more involved. As with so many other games Skull Duggery gives players a feeling that there's something going on with winnings through the use of cut scenes and symbols. In a way it's like every win deciphers the story and gets players that much more deeply involved. Many players may be tempted to keep playing just to make sure they've found all of the animations, sounds, and different combinations even if how much they've won or lost no longer matters (since the money is just for fun, anyway).

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