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Cashville is a non progressive video slot machine by Microgaming. This game is themed around the rich community that includes tycoons, billionaires, millionaires and philanthropists. This is why the game is named Cassville. Since it is themed around rich people, it is able to turn players into rich people by having a maximum jackpot that pays a total of one-hundred thousand dollars. The background has a yellow color that surrounds the reels of the game. The symbols include Dame Von Deeds, Bettie Boodle, Bill Bullion and Sir Stirling characters.

The game has five non progressive spinning reels and twenty paylines. The wild symbol of the game gives great payouts and has the ability to substitute any other symbol to make a better and a higher paying combination of symbols. The game has a scatter symbol and a wild symbol. Players can choose to play the expert mode that allows them to utilize the auto spin feature among other features.

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