Tiger Vs Bear

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Tiger Vs. Bear s a very exciting Microgaming powered Free Slot Game that is going to take players into the Siberian ice cold landscape where they can enjoy the weather and witness the epic battle between two of the most vicious animals that live there, the Siberian Bear and the Siberian Tiger.

The game has 5 reels and has 25 lines which promise players plenty of payouts. The game also hosts a wide array of special symbols and features including the Tiger Vs. Bear bonus feature in which players will go to a second screen to witness the battle between the bear and the tiger as they place bets on the winning side to earn great rewards.

Epic Battle of the fittest- Tiger vs. Bear

The slot game Tiger vs. Bear will provide an exciting Siberian Battle Bonus. This will pit the Siberian Tiger against the Bear in an epic battle that has been ongoing throughout time. If you are fortunate enough to get one of each of the epic characters on reels one and five, you will be privileged to be a spectator of a spectacular battle of the fittest. The player will have the opportunity to choose between the two as to which will win the epic battle. If the player chooses the tiger and the tiger comes out the victor defeating the bear, the player will be awarded eight free spins. If the player chooses the bear and the bear is victorious over the tiger, the player will earn a two times multiplier during the Bear Claw Feature. The Bear Claw Feature will allow the player to choose between fifteen bear paw prints to gain bonus coins.

The game's theme set in ice and snow adds to the overall experience and feel of the game. The player will have the opportunity to play a total of twenty-five winning pay lines using five reels and will have the ability to increase the bet per line as they wish. The game does not offer a progressive jackpot, but the higher the bet the higher the payouts, especially when you have the opportunity to get the Red WILD.

The Red Wild will double the normal payout of a win! This will allow for greater winning potential and additional combinations of payouts. Unfortunately, the Red Wild can not replace a special symbol such as the scatter or bonus, but can still be seen spinning on all five reels.

The player will have the ability to win when any three matching symbols are shown on any of the twenty five winning pay lines from left to right. The symbols are set to the theme of the Artic and include: a snowflake, a tree leaf, the Siberian tiger, the bear, the logo of the game, red wild, and poker card emblems ranging from the Ace (A) to 9. The poker emblems are also designed to look like snow so they fit nicely into the theme of the game and allow for a cool overall experience.

The highest payout available is when five (5) tigers or five (5) bears show on any of the twenty five winning pay lines and will award a total of 750 coins. All other payouts can be found by clicking on the pay table found within the game.

The scatter symbol, represented by the logo of the game, when triggered will pay wins multiplied by the line bet that the player has selected. For example- if the player is playing a line bet of three, the scatter symbol will then multiply the winnings by three and so on. The scatter is just that it is a random bonus and the symbols do not have to be on the same pay-line in order for the reward to be activated.

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