Sonic Boom

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Sonic boom is a slot game with an interesting theme. The theme of the game is a phenomena in which an airplane produces sound like thunder by traveling faster than sound. The symbols in this game are the traditional cherry, the bar and the sonic symbol. The game has three reels and one line. One gets rewards depending on the combination of the symbols on the reels.

The Sonic Boom slot game allows one to bet either one or two coins at a time. The coins you can bet are 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 25.The wild card of the symbols is the sonic boom. If one sonic symbol appears, it multiplies the winnings by 2 if two of them appears, the winnings will be multiplied by 4.If one hits the spin button and get a combination of three sonic symbols, they will get a maximum of 2500 or 1200 bonus, depending on the number of coins that you bet.

The pay table is visible on the right side. It allows the player to view the possible rewards, depending on the different combinations of the symbols. The table has two columns. The first column is for the first level where the player places one coin and the other column is for the second level where the player places two coins. The bets are placed at the bottom. There are nine possible winning combinations in the game.

One cherry will give you two coins on the first level and 4 on the second level. A combo with any three bars or two cherries will earn the player 5 coins. The player will earn 20 coins for three single cherries and 15 coins for three single bars. Double bars are worth 45 and triples earn the player 60. The sonic boom symbol earns the player 120 coins. The best combination possible, is three sonic booms which earn the player 1200 coins. There is off course the added advantage of sonic boom symbols mentioned above: They multiply the earnings.

The game also has an auto play mode, where the player can play 5 or ten spins. They can also set the advanced settings. Here the number of spins and the time between the spins can be changed. One can set the spins to stop after any win, after winning the jackpot only, after winning a certain amount or if the winnings increase or decrease by a certain amount. One can gain access to the auto play mode by hitting the expert button. This mode can be stopped at the players wish.

This game is ideal for anyone who is looking to have great fun. It is not a game for those who are looking to get rich quickly. With the least value of the coin which can be risked being 0.05, it is a game that can accommodate anyone regardless of their means. If anyone is looking to have fun without having to risk much, then this is the ideal game for them. It is also perfect for beginners who may want to get the slot game experience for the first time.

The graphics in the game are amazing to look at while playing the game. The sound effects on the game are also realistic, which takes the experience to a whole new level. The three reel single line slot is simple to work around and is great fun. The blending of the traditional cherry and bar symbols with the most modern sonic boom symbol is pretty exciting. Sonic boom is therefore the perfect game for any player who wants to get back to the basics.

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