Gold Factory

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The latest slot game that features 50 pay lines and a detailed bonus game system is Gold Factory. This new game has 5 reels and the highest paying symbol is the Gold Factory logo itself. The game introduces you to a literal gold factory where a worker shows you the different departments where the bonus games are played. Even the reels are an intricate part of the factory and the game flows throughout this system. This slot game has a tremendous amount of color and the animations flow smoothly. All of the graphics are appropriately designed and very nicely detailed to provide an extra level of entertainment.

The great thing about the Gold Factory is that it can attract high rollers as well as those that want to watch their wallets unlike other free casino games. With 50 different pay lines things can get interesting very quickly. There is a maximum bet of 20 coins per pay line so the maximum bet is 1000 coins. The other fantastic part of this game is the bonus system that is very entertaining. The bonus game is multi-leveled so you have to pay attention to get to the end and win the maximum amount. To get to the bonus game you have to collect coins that come around in the game. Collect enough and it will transport you to a different part of the factory that will start the bonus round.

Gold Factory is a state of the art slot game that will have you coming back for more. Enjoy the great graphics, smooth animation, and interesting mechanics that make this free casino gamesdifferent from the rest.

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