Alaskan Fishing

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Alaskan fishing brings a great theme to the world of slots. This beautiful game features wonderful scenes from the world of fishing and brings the character of Alaska to life on the game board. Microgaming has truly designed a wonderful new addition to the slot machine industry.

Game Summary

Alaskan fishing is designed off of the traditional five reeled video slot system. Many players are extremely familiar with this set up and are used to playing slots in this style. While this game is designed based on tradition, the game has plenty of wonderful surprises in store for players that are new to the game.
One of the biggest surprises is the wonderful style of this game. The game hits on an interesting concept that has not been featured in a lot of slot games. Alaskan fishing is an extremely interesting them and it offers many beautiful tiles on the slot reels.

The game also offers a wide variety of ways to win the game. When you play a slot machine you want many different ways to win and the game offers 243 different ways to win. That is a great variety of ways to win in this slot machine that makes it extremely appealing to slot machine players.

Alaskan fishing is also an extremely well designed slot game. The game offers an extremely smooth experience. The video is never choppy, unlike some slot games on the market today.The buttons are extremely easy to locate and use. The visuals are all built around the theme of the game. The icons on the reels include many of the icons of the Alaskan fishing industry. These icons include a fishing rod, fishing bait, a fishing kayak, a fisherman, a small plane on the water, and a bear fetching fish. These icons are incredibly well illustrated and are sure to appeal to all players.

The game offers an extremely visually appealing experience that is also built around the traditional five reel model. If you love slot machine games, then you absolutely have to check out this slot game.


Slot games are well known for their ability to offer players a wide variety of bonuses. These bonuses make the game extremely appealing to players as it offers them an opportunity to win. One of the biggest bonuses that this game offers is the Free spins symbol. This symbol can give players free spins, if they get somewhere between three and five symbols on the reels. This can trigger as many as twelve free spins. During these spins the player can have their payouts doubled. These free spins cannot be triggered again and the bet of the free spins is the same as the game that triggered those free spins.

The game also offers a wild icon. This icon is the logo of the game. Like most wilds in slot games the logo will substitute for any other icons on the reels of the game. This can happen in both the main game and the free spins.

There is also a bonus round of the game. If you get the fisherman symbol on the right reels, then you will be taken to a bonus round, that will give you another opportunity to increase your winnings.

Alaskan fishing is an awesome slot game that allows players to live the excitement of fishing in Alaska. The game is extremely visually compelling and the audio is extremely well selected. The game also offers a wide variety of bonus opportunities. If you are looking for an extremely exciting slot game, then you have to check out Alaskan Fishing.

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