Whimsical Wonky Wabbits!

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Welcome to the World of Wonky Wabbits casino slot online! With 5 reels, 15 lines, Win Both Ways, and ‘Wild' features, players are guaranteed numerous hours of slot machine fun!

The general look and feel of Wonky Wabbits is playful and whimsical. Bold colors and bright lights make the page stand out. The game offers users a chance to play the game in full screen mode. That gives the players an opportunity to go in depth while playing. The background music in Wonky Wabbits fun slots parallels well with the general look and feel of the game. The music track is repetitive but thankfully, is not overbearing. It's a subtle background asset that adds to the games great experience.

Unlike most games, Wonky Wabbits allows users to pause in the middle of the game in order for users to check directions if they need to. The directions are clear cut and even laid out between four pages. Even a novice slot machine player could easily grasp the concept of Wonky Wabbits.

Fun Slots with Wonky Wabbits

The player must get at least three of the same symbols in order to win big. There are letters, numbers and vegetables that the player must go after. A, K, Q, J, 10, carrots, tomatoes, corn, broccoli, and eggplants are all up for grabs. Vegetables aren't most people's favorite things but this game will make you happy to see veggies with this homegrown fun! If players hit enough Wild Cards they receive a a huge jackpot! Unlike other games, Wonky Wabbits does not insist that users spend a large amount of money on each spin. Even conservative fun slots players have the same chance as hitting it big to the degree of a more heavy handed player. What players should really go after are the Wild cards. It ensures that you double your winnings with just a flick of your wrist!

Even with so many winning symbols it takes certain paths in the reels to be considered a win for the player. Wonky Wabbits accepts the winning symbols in a straight line, pyramid layout, descending order, ascending order, and alternating duplicate pieces. Users should not worry, if this is too much to remember, Wonky Wabbits has laid out all of the winning paths in the directions!

Wonky Wabbits Overall

Wonky Wabbits casino slot online is great for users to embrace their inner youth. With a whimsical interface, upbeat and entertaining music, and easy to use controls, players are sure to get an engaging experience. The game itself is among the most entertaining slot games available. With its ease of us, creative style, and imaginative animation, anyone is sure to be hooked after their first Wonky Wabbits spin!

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