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The online free slots game Thief offers a fun excursion into the high risk world of a professional female jewel thief; players follow her activities as she undertakes the task of stealing valuable gemstones. The game provides suspenseful music in the background as the reels spin. Players hope that they, too, will walk away with a fortune by playing this fast-paced slots game!

Bonus Rounds with Thief Online Free Slots

Thief offers two chief types of bonuses, free spins and free spins acquired during a special Adrenaline mode. These benefits differ in some significant ways.

The presence of three or more symbols in the reels marked “free spins” will result in the player winning 10 regular free spins. The main screen changes to another screen, which briefly shows the interior hallway of a large building. It is the location where the Thief will break into a room to steal jewels. During the free spin mode play, players spin the reels hoping to win payout combinations. Sometimes a player receives assistance in the form of a wild symbol that substitutes for other icons in winning combinations. Thief offers an expanding wild symbol, the female thief, who can be seen in an expanded icon on reels 2, 3 and 4, climbing a rope.

A second type of bonus free spin game arises when three or more adrenaline scatter icons occur on the screen. These symbols are marked “Adrenaline Free Spins” and are readily identifiable also because the icon displays a hand palming a glowing yellow jewel. This symbol triggers the Adrenaline mode of play, which offers a special advantage to players: only during the Adrenaline free spins does a special diamond symbol appear in the reels. If five or more of these symbols line up along an activated pay line, the player may win 5,000 coins during a single spin!

Thief Online Free Slots Overall

Thief uses a steely blue screen background and effective visual imagery to evoke a high tension environment, the adrenaline-filled world of a female jewel thief. The icons in the game reflect this overall theme.

In addition to the female jewel thief, who appears on the scatter symbol and in the expanded wild icon, players see icons including a head-mounted flashlight tool, a complicated grappling hook gun, a wrist watch, a power pack bomb and a steely blue briefcase. Three to five head flashlights lining up correctly across a pay line produces the highest single jackpot in the game, 50 to 500 coins. Other symbol combinations generate lesser amounts. (The highest payout remains the 5,000 coins that may be won during Adrenaline mode play).

The game offers five reels and 25 pay lines. It is non-progressive. The screen provides a special “skill stop button” which allows players to stop and start the reels during spins. This control does not operate during free spins or adrenaline free spins, however. There is also an autoplay button for players who prefer to have the reels spin automatically when playing online free slots.

Thief appeals to many players. It offers adrenaline-filled excitement!

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