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Subtopia, as you may have guessed from the title, is an interesting nautical-themed new online slots game with a style that is reminiscent of the days of Jacques Cousteau. Apart from that, the bonus rounds are solid and frequent, and the payouts tend to be on the higher side.

Subtopia Online Slots Gameplay

The free spin rounds are characterized by the added bonus of having those winnings multiplied six times over. Your spins could theoretically go on forever, but there is a meter, seemingly a reference to a submarine pressure gauge of some kind, that maxes out and signals the end of your free spin multiplier round.

While there technically is no set of bonus rounds to speak of, like most games that lack the feature, the base game persistently adds smaller bonuses throughout the gameplay. In this case, those persistent bonuses come in the form of a randomized multiplier that supercharges your winnings up to five times the initial amount. In addition to not having a bonus feature, the optional gamble game functionality also fails to make an appearance. Consequently, all of your winnings are automatically credited to you for safe keeping.

The Return To Player for Subtopia is rather high compared to many other games in the video slot category. The Certified Payout Percentage comes out to about 96.10% and therefore can be highly recommended on those figures alone.

Like many other new online slots games, the stake levels in this particular game are easily adjustable. While the minimum cost you can allot to each spin is 0.20 coins, the maximum wager is set at a whopping 100.00 coins. Players should take into consideration that they have minimal control over the payline selection, and all of them must be activated every time you initiate a wheel spin.

Subtopia Online Slots Jackpot

The Jackpot Payout in Subtopia amounts to exactly 2000 coins and the conditions that qualify you for this payday entail lining up 5 of the inventor symbols in one specific active payline in play.
The reel symbols in Subtopia are, you guessed it, associated with a submarine theme. The symbols from lowest to highest paying are: 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace, Mechanic, Diver, Scientist, Captain and the much coveted Inventor.

The Compass is the symbol in Subtopia that represents the scatter symbol for this new online slots game. If you obtain three of these then you are automatically rewarded with a few free spins for your troubles. Somewhat inexplicably, a robot is used as the icon to represent the Wild Symbol. It can be used to swap out for nearly any other symbol with the exception of the scatter.

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