Space Wars

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Space Wars is an online bonus slots game with the theme around aliens competing for the domination of space. Space Wars is fast-paced and visually appealing. The game has 5 reels and 4 play lines where every win counts. The winning symbol in Space Wars gets cloned and stacked on the reels which gives the player a chance to win big money! The biggest prize in the game is the Pink Galaxy Crystal. Players will vie after the crystal in hopes that it lands in their lap. After playing this game once, it will be hard to let go.

There are nine very unique characters that are competing for the galaxy. The first is a wide eyed, innocent looking alien. For the most part he looks like he was trapped in the war for the galaxy and at any time would retreat if he could. Too bad wars between five different species of extraterrestrials are not that easy. His partner in this war is a greenish yellow suspicious alien. He is the more dominant figure in the partnership.

The blue species of aliens seem to have no chance in this war. The first alien in this duo looks completely oblivious; like he might not even know there is a war going on. His partner looks just as oblivious, the only difference with him is that he has three eyes while his partner only has two. Hopefully those three eyes come in handy to win them the galaxy, their wits sure won't get them there.

The next group is an extremely excitable group. With a green figure and three eyes the first member seems incredibly jumpy. He spends most of his war time looking over his own shoulders. Perhaps the more manic of the pair, who has tan skin and purple eyes, suffers with his own paranoia. The team might have a chance to win the space war if they could escape their own minds.

The purple leader of the next duo might have a better chance than the last pair if his ego wasn't in the way. His ominous a mean demeanor will, without a doubt, be his downfall. The only hope that this team has is its other member, whose huge lips make it easy to see that he's a slick talker. Maybe he can talk his way into being supreme leader of the galaxy; their fighting skill or lack there of might not cut it.

The last character in the Space Wars saga is perhaps the most daunting and villainous. With orange skin, eight legs, and a purple death cap it is clear for players to see who has the biggest hunger for power. There is a thirst for blood and a desire for power in his eyes that isn't seen in the rest of the characters. If anyone is fit enough to be the leader of the known universe, it's this guy. Of course, deciding who will lead the universe is decided by how the bonus slots spin.

Space wars has a very sleek look and feel. With an option to play the game full screen it's easy for players to immerse themselves into the game. With a simple layout, bonus slots, autoplay feature, and A+ texture, getting lost in this game is very easy to do. Fight on galactic heroes, fight on!

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