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There is no doubt that The Godfather was one of the iconic gangster movies of all time. It brought the Italian mafia to mainstream media. Betsoft decided to take the movie and adapt it and transform it into a 3D video slot machine. Players will enjoy a game that has five spinning reels and a total of thirty paylines. Players will see symbols that are derived from the Italian mafia. This includes Frankie the Fixer who fixes any loose ends for the boss, the slot father (the boss) himself, a world map, a car, stacks of cash, a cigar, the Tommy gun, Cigars and other symbols.

Some of these symbols will turn into animated symbols when they contribute in a winning combo. For example, the car will move and turn its light on, Frankie the Fixer will show you his gun and tells you his name and that the boss wants to meet you and more. The game has plenty of features and bonus rounds. In order to trigger these rounds players will have to get specific symbols in specific positions.

For example, there is a feature that is called the Sneaky Instant Win. In this feature, players will have to get the symbol of the money briefcase and Sammy Quickfingers in adjacent reels. When that happens, Sammy will reach out from his reel and place it in the briefcase and take a stack of cash and throws it to the player. While doing so, he will say “Now You know why they call me quickfigners.

Players who get three slotfather symbols on the reels will trigger the bonus round. The free spins round “Multiplier Mob Free Spins” will be triggered when players get the Tommy gun and Frankie the Fixer in adjacent reels.

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