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Your Scary Friends are not out to chase you away. They want to invite you to sit down and enjoy yourself playing a cool slot game with a family-friendly theme. Do you want to take a shot winning big? The task doesn't have to be scary. Just check out this really cool game to see just how enjoyable the whole process can be.

Game Summary

Produced by Microgaming, Scary Friends is an outstanding slot game that evokes images from modern kids films such as Monsters Inc. and Monsters University. If you took your young ones to see these films and enjoyed the experience, you should find playing this cool slot game to be a lot of fun.

Bonus Rounds

Bonuses are available those who play. Two different symbols open the door to taking advantage of a bonus. A “Fuzzy Free Spins Monster” is the first symbol that provides an opportunity to deliver a little bonus help. Once three of them turn up, you gain access to anywhere from 3 to 15 free spins. Surely, you could walk away a major winner with no risk when taking up to 15 spins at no cost.

The “4 Monsters” bonus symbol delivers a nice benefit. Three or more of these “4 Monsters” symbols turns of the bonus feature found at the video slot. The feature is yet another chance to win big with little or no risk.

More Game Detail

The symbols are, of course, cute furry monsters. The theme of the game promotes the fun nature of family-oriented movies and television shows.

The monsters on the game really aren't scary and some of them truly go out of their way to be your friend. The “Fuzzy Yellow Friendly Monster” is definitely a friend as he represents the games wild symbol. Once he shows up, he acts as a the perfect substitute for that one symbol your are missing to get a winning combination. Then again, if he shows up in this manner, winning is a given.

Scary Friends comes with a standard five-reel setup, but the number of paylines is extremely generous. There is a full 25 paylines and such a high number creates a great opportunity for winning big if all the lines are played and a great combination of symbols turns up. The values in which you may wager range form one penny to $2. Wager on as many paylines as you wish and take advantage of the wager spread to bet as much as you feel comfortable with.

The slot game is also connected to a progressive jackpot. If the longshot comes in and you hit this jackpot, you just might find your time investment on the slot to be a lucrative one.

Scatter free spins bonuses also may show up and they further enhance the potential to win. The game may look cute, but never think the game isn't a legitimate vehicle to win payoffs.

Are you interested in a theme a lot different from traditional games? Scary Friend might provide the perfect alternative.

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