Piggy Riches

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Game Summary

Piggy Riches video slots transports players into an abundant, opulently-themed world of super wealthy pigs. The Mr. Piggy icon wears a tuxedo and a top hat and brandishes a thick wad of cash. When he appears in a winning combination of symbols, he grows animated as bank notes literally rain down over his head. The Mrs. Piggy icon, attired in an elegant gown, cradles a gift wrapped box. When her icon factors into a winning combo, she, too, grows animated. A theme of conspicuous consumption and luxury items fills this slots game.

Piggy Riches Video Slots

The biggest bonus in the game involves a special free spin bonus with a multiplier picke-em bonus. Mrs. Piggy functions as a scatter symbol. Whenever this icon occurs three or more times anywhere in the reels, the event triggers a Free Spin Bonus Round. At that point, three combinations of free spins and multiplying factors appear on the screen; a player must choose one of them in order to proceed. The combinations include a maximum number of 28 free spins and a maximum multiplier of six. Players can select a high number of free spins with a low multiplier, a low number of free spins with a high multiplier, or a midrange combination of both free spins and multiplier numbers.

Then, during the free spin bonus rounds of the game, some special rules pertain. And winning combination that features the Mr. Piggy icon enjoys an 18 times multiplier value. Also, the appearance of a Mrs. Piggy icon at any point in the reels during the bonus round session will automatically trigger an extra free spin to add to the existing ones. Theoretically, the free spins may continue for some time in this game.

Piggy Riches Gameplay

The non-progressive slots game consists of five reels. There are 15 pay lines.

During regular play, several combinations of winning symbols falling across an activated pay line produce jackpots, with the highest amounting to 2,000 coins. However, any combination completed with the wild symbol, Mr. Piggy, results in a tripling of the combo amount.

Other icons in the game all reinforce the theme of riches and a lavish, conspicuously affluent lifestyle. These symbols include a set of car keys, a golden credit card, several bags of money sitting in a pile, a bulging purse and a big pink piggy bank. There are also several additional playing card symbol icons (10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace) encrusted with jewels, gold and, in the case of the Q symbol fur resembling the ermine edge of a royal cloak. These images of the trappings of great wealth create a very pleasing screen display.

The sound effects in Piggy Riches will possibly distract some players. A sporadic “oink” sound occurs frequently during game play; it supports the overall theme of pigs, however.

Many players enjoy Piggy Riches video slots. The game potentially rewards players very generously during the bonus free spin rounds. Additionally, its animated features lend interest to the slots imagery.

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