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Game Summary

The Lights fun slots game offers a charming slots, with excellent graphics, an unusual theme and relaxing music. It revolves around beautiful illuminated hanging lanterns decorating an evening sky. Brilliant fireflies brighten this display, especially when winning combinations occur. Players will enjoy the quiet, calming aspects of this fun and entertaining game.

Bonus Slot Games in Lights

Two bonuses await players of Lights. First, the game offers generous free spins. Second, a special “floating wilds” feature can result in winning combinations that might not otherwise occur.

An illuminated golden orb functions as the Fireflies logo, and it also serves as a scatter sign for this fun slot game. When three of these symbols occur anywhere on the reels, players receive a bonus of ten free spins. Four scatter symbols will result in an award of 20 free spins. When five scatter symbols appear anywhere in the reels, a player wins an incredible 30 spins.

During bonus free spin round play, players may trigger additional free bonus spin awards. Control button features are disabled during this period of play, however. At the end of a bonus session, the player returns to regular game play.

One of the most interesting features of the Lights game involves the use of a “floating wild.” The wild symbol in the game is the word “WILD” illuminated along a golden fringe. The illumination in the video game represents the action of swarms of fireflies gathering in the evening. In accordance with the theme of this video slots, the fireflies in the game can hover over other symbols on the screen and replace them at random with an overlay, the “floating” wild symbol.

Since the wild symbol substitutes to complete any winning combination in the game (except for the scatter symbol), this feature means that the floating wild benefit sometimes results in the unexpected appearance of winning combinations in the reels. This element lends surprise and visual interest to regular game play.

Lights Makes for Fun Slots Entertainment

The original theme of the game contributes to several creative design elements. For example, when players hit a winning combination, brightly illuminated lines created by swarming fireflies highlight the lucky symbols. A big win results in the screen changing to display coins falling from above.

Icons in the game include both playing card symbols (10, J, Q, K and A) and also a series of illuminated colored lanterns. The red lantern icon will produce the largest jackpots. If three of these symbols line up correctly on an activated pay line, a player wins 15 coins. Jackpots from the red lantern increase to 200 coins with four correctly aligned icons. The biggest jackpot in the fun slots game, 1,000 coins, occurs whenever five red lanterns occupy an enabled pay line.

Other icons generate lesser payouts. For instance, the orange-colored lantern can produce 15, 150 or 750 coin payouts when three, four or five of these icons align correctly for a player during the game.

The Lights slot game makes very effective use of simple icons and slow, quiet background music to create a relaxing recreational venue. Players who want to take a break from the fast-paced, loud environment of some video games will likely appreciate this feature of the slots. The game displays five reels and a total of nine pay lines. It is not progressive.

Screen features available with this game include the ability to use an autoplay function that will keep the reels spinning for a designated number of spins. There is also a button marked “LEVEL” that allows the player to determine the number of coins to play per line. Only the highest winning combination per line is awarded.

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