Gonzo’s Quest

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One of the best free slot developers, NetEnt, has produced another Avalanche style online slot game called Gonzo's Quest. While the title may sound like a reference to the famed Sesame Street character, there is actually no relationship. The style of the game is closer to that of an ancient Mayan ruin theme.

Free Falls and Free Spins

In keeping with the Avalanche style of gameplay, instead of free spins, the game implements a similar feature called “free falls”. Their basic mechanic is very similar to all the other free spins you'll come across in other free slots games, with the exception being that all winning spins will disappear by “free falling” into place to potentially create additional wins. When the free fall round commences, the winning spins will automatically be multiplied by 3.

Consecutive wins will yield units of three added to the multiplier of each successive win. For example, the second sequential win will yield a 6x multiplier rather than a 3x one. The one after that yielding 9x etc. The cap being x15. Seeing as though the entire slot is prone to being affected by cascading multipliers, the entire game has the feel of a bonus game. The only downside to this being that there are no exclusively defined, separate bonus games to change up the gameplay significantly.

Setting the Stakes on Gonzo's Quest

Gonzo's quest is a highly eye-pleasing and exciting style of most entertaining free slot games, but there are some trade offs to accommodate all the added adrenaline junkie, cascading game play options. For instance, you don't specify the lines you play, but instead play a constant amount for each one of the lines. What you do have control over, however, is the setting of stakes. The stake ranges from 0.20 all the way up to a massive 50.00. The benefit of this wide swath of stake choice is that it accommodates such a wide appetite of gambling desires that you can easily slip into.

When it comes to Jackpot time, the total reward is 2500 coins per win. The jackpot is represented by 5 separate platinum fashioned tribal masks. In keeping with the nature of the cascading avalanche style gameplay, the combinations will disappear and fall into new forms for the sake of attempting to string together symbols into new combos.

Earning Free Spins with Gonzo's Quest

The symbols on the tiles are all unique and somewhat abstract in this best slots game. They all fit into the style of ancient tribal South/Central American heritage. On the available pay table, they're all described in reference to the colors associated with them, like blue or gold. While there isn't a scatter symbol in this somewhat non-traditional take on slot game, there is a Free Fall Symbol. This symbol is represented as gold with a carving of some sort of an ancient South American God-figure. Stringing three of these together on three reels one after the other will bring you into the free fall round of the game. The wild symbol is simple enough, existing as nothing more than a question mark surrounded by a gold tile. As usual, you can swap in this tile to replace any other tile. Some of the best free slots around come from the folk's at NetEnt – you'll want to check this one out!

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