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Evolution video slots online provides players with spectacular graphics and an entertaining, exciting game which combines elements of traditional slots play with modern online games. The theme of evolving upwards unifies the story line and contributes to many features that retain the interest of participants. Players enjoy the opportunity of watching symbols in the game develop from simple to more complex organisms. All the action occurs in a watery environment, with beautiful visual displays and background aquatic sounds. Icons in the reels rotate upwards instead of downwards in this game, in keeping with the overall theme.

Bonus Rounds in Evolution Video Slots Online

The bonuses offered in Evolution involve an opportunity to win free spins and a special Evolution Feature which only occurs within bonus round games. The free spin symbol in the game appears clearly marked over several small bubbles with the words “free spin.” It also operates as a scatter symbol. When three or more of this icon appear in the reels, players enjoy an opportunity to play from ten to 20 free spins rounds (three symbols produce ten free spins, four generate 15 free spins and five lead to 20 free spins).

During the free spin game, and only at this point in the game, players benefit from a special Evolution Feature that retains higher valued symbols which evolve into more complex forms and eliminates lower valued symbols. This situation means that players enjoy a better potential chance of winning jackpots during the free spin games. A large bubble marked with the word “WILD” functions as a wild card symbol and can substitute to complete winning combinations.

Evolution Slot Machine Overall

The colorful animations and graphics in Evolution offer a visual treat for those playing video slots online. With five reels and 25 pay lines, the non-progressive slot game affords players the opportunity to win up to 44,000 coins on a single spin.

Icons in the game include several types of animals as well as purplish jellyfish-like creatures containing the card game symbols 10, J, Q, K and A. Basilisk pluma resembles a mouse, Albus slugus a snail, Draconius rex a squirrel, Bestia dentum an early crocodile and Basilisk hairicus a strange creature halfway between a lemur and a reptile. From time to time, these symbols transform into more complex creatures.

Evolution offers a stunning visual display of detailed creatures against a watery background. Animated vignettes occasionally cross the screen, a feature which also adds interest to the game. Players will enjoy the fast pace of the game, the ability to use an autoplay function, and the clear designation of important symbols. Whether you are a rookie, or used to playing video slots online, Evolution is a great bet.

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