Devil’s Delight

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The world of free online slot games has found a new competitor in the form of Devil's Delight. Devil's Delight is another exciting slot game from NetEnt software. The company has been known for years for producing some high quality content that players quickly fall in love with and this game is no different. Devil's Delight focuses on the underworld and is a wonderful game.

Devil's Delight Free Online Slot

Like many games from Net Entertainments software, Devil's Delight is built around the traditional five reel and twenty pay line format. You may think that this will make the game a traditional slot game, but the game is far from it. The game is built around a truly unique theme that will keep players coming back for more.

The devil in this game is designed to appear to be quite evil, without being so evil it is scary. The devil looks quite good and the game is designed in full HD. The game lives up to its namesake whenever possible.

The icons in this game are the primary mechanism in which the game lives up to its theme. The icons are meant to inspire fear and thoughts of the underworld as much as possible. The icons you will see featured in this game include devil's, hot female demons, baby devil's, purple hell bound minions, 666 logos, cauldrons, flaming hearts, skeleton hands, the Grim Reaper, pentacle stars, and poker card symbols over gravestones.

The sound engineering in this game is top notch and is sure to creep up even the hardest of players. When you hit the paytable you will hear a ghostly thud that is sure to creep you out and when you spin, you will hear the sound of a pipe organ as well as a wide variety of extremely creepy screams and groans.

The betting system in this free online slot game is designed so that all players can enjoy this game. High rollers will love the fact that they can bet as much as $200 on a spin, while players on lower budget will enjoy that they can play for as little as one cent.

The game features many excellent features that are sure to draw players in. One common feature the game includes is the wild symbol. The wild symbol is a devil wearing a suit and it is truly intimidating. When the wild appears it will expand through your reel if there is any chance of you winning.

The game also features an option to win free spins via the pentagram icon, this is a very generous feature that will allow players to increase their winnings significantly.

Devil's Delight Slot Bonus

The bonus game in this slot game is activated by the appearance of the Grim Reaper. This symbol of death will activate a slot bonus game in which players are allowed to choose from five people and a dog on a street as well as six different sins. Players have the opportunity to match the sins with the people and doing so correctly will allow the player to massively increase their winnings.
If you are looking for a new and interesting slot game, then you need look no further than Devil's Delight the latest exciting slot game to hit the market. This interesting theme will keep you playing for days.

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