Crime Scene

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In this enjoyable and entertaining video slot machine, the player takes the role of a crime scene investigator, which is made believable by the use of graphics to make it appear as though the reels are part of the computer used by the investigator. The theme behind the game is that the crime scene, which features in the background of the slot needs to be investigated and the player does so from the laptop screen in front of them. Also visible on the laptop screen of the investigator are the control and menu bars, which make the game simple and easy to navigate around. The graphics themselves are entertaining and keep the player interested in what is happening on the screen as one would expect from a NetEnt video slot.

Crime Scene Free Spins Bonus Round

Within Crime Scene is a free spins bonus round, which takes the form of a luck based multiple choice game that sees a number of folders visible across the screen. The aim of the game is to win more coins to be used in the game by simply clicking on individual folders. Be careful though, because behind at least one of the folders is an icon that ends the bonus round and takes the player to a second chance round for added chances of winning coins. The second chance round sees just four envelopes visible on the screen that could contain coins, a 2x multiplier or a return to the bonus round. The return to the bonus round sees the player given the chance to repeat the entire bonus round process before returning to the main screen of the video slot machine.

Crime Scene Video Slot Machine Gameplay

The icons and symbols used in this slot game are also based upon the popular items the majority would associate with a crime scene and the investigators that have recently become famous. In basic terms the icons and symbols of the Crime Scene video slot machine take two varieties, the first being the highest paying and are based upon the instruments used by an investigator. These include the goggles, tape and briefcase all used by the investigator as they embark on an investigation. Secondly, the evidence itself also makes an appearance as icons and symbols that can must be matched to win big on this slot. These are created as chalk icons on a concrete background taking the form of letters. The police badge is the wild symbol and can offer five free spins or up to a 3x multiplier for this five reel game that features up to 15 payable lines.

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