Flos Diner

Summary of Flos Diner:

Flos diner slot game has diagrams and pictures that will take you back to the times of diners and soda pops. The symbols on the reels all remind you of the times when waitresses, dressed in pink, could serve up burgers with fries, malt shakes, donuts and other delicious items. On three reels, the foods and fun of the past come out to rekindle feelings of the 50’s.

Fifty to sixty years ago, diners were popular hangouts for high school and college kids. The poodle skirt was in style and so was the big hair for girls. The boys wore the denim jeans, bobby socks and short slick hair styles. The corner booth was the place for a date and the dance floor was the place for the hop. The fun and colors of this time are features of the Flos diner slot game. This reel game will take us back to a time of innocence and fun. A time of mischief, but curfews. A time of malt floats and skating waitresses. This game will help you remember the fun of those formidable years for so many. Micro gaming has delivered a fantastic rendition of yester-years in each spin of the reel. Playing for free or betting a few bucks is easy when visiting and playing on this reel. This feature game is available to download on computers as well as android tablets or some phones. Be sure to check out to see if the game is available in your area. This game is available on several different online casino websites.

Bonus Winnings:

The Flos Diner slot game is designed to play with coins. Each coin represents an amount per spin. It is very possible to win from 2 coins all the way up to 2400 coins on one spin. This game does not offer the extra bonus spins like some reels may offer. Instead, this game gives the audience the mega money on each spin that matches two or more items on the reels. The player places a bet and spins the wheel. If any of the combinations on the right hand side of the machine appear, the player is a winner.

Details about the game:

Spinner games are typically made with 3-5 reels. Each reel has multiple combinations that can appear when a spin stops. On the Flos Diner game, the reels have combinations such as donuts, or even waitress heads. One line with a quarter bet is the minimal bet with the increase betting to go as high as five dollars. Players can enjoy playing this application free. They can be lucky enough to win any combination from three donuts winning them 20-60 coins to hitting the jackpot with all three ladies. Hitting all three Flo heads will get the player from 800-2400.

Flos diner can be one of the best games that is offered on multiple casino websites. The game can be set to play in an automatic play where it keeps spinning as many times up to the maximum spins. If the player happens to hit the jackpot during these automatic spins, the game will stop so you can collect your winnings. This application is not only fun, but is colorful and will take you back in time. The colorful symbols will increase not only your appetite for food but also your appetite for play. Spin the wheel, take a chance, enjoy going back in time. Help the waitress and spin. Make sure to increase your chances of winning by betting large. The thrill is in the food and faces that appear when you spin Flo’s Diners reels.

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